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LAFC plan to play in LA Coliseum for special occasions

Luckily, they won't have to go far in seeking an alternate venue.

LAFC's new stadium will be the Coliseum's neighbor -- that's not such a bad thing.
LAFC's new stadium will be the Coliseum's neighbor -- that's not such a bad thing.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LAFC may have put off their launch by a year to make sure they begin in their new stadium, but that doesn't mean they are ruling out all games in other locations.

During the announcement event on Monday for LAFC's stadium, to be located on the site the Sports Arena currently occupies, came the tidbit that the new MLS club is planning on occasionally playing games at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which will be located right next to the new soccer-specific stadium.

From Nick Green's website:

"I do expect our Classicos (sic) [with the Galaxy] to one day draw 80,000-90,000 people and we can go right next door," [LAFC managing partner Henry] Nguyen said.

Again, the team did not say they will play at the Coliseum for any sustained period -- they are planning on making their own stadium very much their primary home. Still, having this as an option should alleviate the concerns from those who are worried the 22,000-seat stadium will be too small for the new club.

The San Jose Earthquakes tend to have a few games each season in a bigger stadium, including their game this week against Orlando City at the San Francisco 49ers' Levi's Stadium. The LA Galaxy usually play a midseason friendly or two outside of the StubHub Center, including at times at the Coliseum, and I assume LAFC will plan to do the same, hosting a famous European club or two each year in a larger facility. No official word on that, however, but with the ambition LAFC has, I don't expect them to sit out friendly season.

And who knows, maybe we'll see some rivalry games that will truly be awe-inspiring, at one of LA's iconic venues.

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