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If you missed them, check out the LAFC stadium renderings

No swimming pool, but plenty to be excited about.

You've likely seen the new, real LAFC stadium renderings, but with the coverage circulating around the MLS expansion team's future home, it seemed to make sense to collect them in one location. As the club explained on Monday, the stadium will be located in Los Angeles on the current site of the Sports Arena, with the stadium expected to open for the 2018 season, when the team will begin play in MLS. A lot of work will need to be done by then, but it's the most exciting news since the team was announced, certainly.

First up, the main rendering of the stadium, surrounded by Los Angeles:

LAFC stadium rendering Courtesy of LAFC

Image courtesy of LAFC Communications/Gensler

Next, the view heading into the stadium from up close. As you can see, the stadium will have a roof to cover a fair proportion of the spectators. I know in my own household that is always a consideration for where to buy a ticket in any stadium:

Image courtesy of LAFC's twitter account

And then a view of how the stadium will look during the main event - a game:

Image courtesy of LAFC's twitter account.

Two cool features in this final rendering: It looks like the video screen will be offset to one corner, so that there's a "peekaboo" corner on the other side with the skyline of downtown Los Angeles visible diagonally.

Of course, these are renderings, and changes could be made to the design in between now and the stadium's opening in 2018.

Still, these look pretty tantalizing. If you're like me and prone to impatience from time to time, at least it looks like the stadium itself is going to be pretty amazing.

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