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LAFC looking to sign Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney?

Could these two come to LAFC?
Could these two come to LAFC?
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

LAFC are doing a lot of behind-the-scenes building of the club at the moment, in preparation for the team's 2018 entry into MLS.

But there have already been rumblings about the most high-profile of additions to the club, the first team players, and a new report out of England adds more to the rumor pile.

Not only is LAFC "obsessed" with adding Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, according to an unnamed source cited by The Mirror, but because Wayne Rooney likes to visit Los Angeles the Manchester United striker is also linked to the club by the tabloid.

Add to that CR7 and Rooney were once Man United teammates, they won league titles, the Champions League and other trophies in their run together, and they don't seem like a terrible tandem to link together.

However, The Mirror clearly state in their report that the club hasn't reached out to Rooney yet, but "he features very highly on their wanted list."

So what are the chances of this double swoop happening? It's hard to say. Given the way the landscape has changed this year, with the sheer volume of high profile European-based superstars making the jump over to MLS, it is entirely possible players like Ronaldo and Rooney could turn up at LAFC. And CR7 has been linked to the team, including by at least one U.S.-based reporter, already this year.

Of course, that's not the same thing as this particular article being an accurate report, necessarily. English outlets have a reputation of basically inventing stuff, and this could very well be the case here.

Still, we've still got about two and a half years before the new MLS team takes the field. Expect many reports, some credible, many not, in the interim, and be assured we'll be on top of them.

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