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Who should LAFC build their team around?

Let's talk -- who do you want to see representing LAFC in a few years?

2015 is shaping up to be the year of the star in MLS, and so far pretty much all of the big names who have actually managed to play in the league so far this season have performed well.

We know that a star or two isn't really the full story in building a successful team in Major League Soccer, teams have to be smart in mixing together youngsters, MLS veterans and those game-breaking stars.

But with the likes of Sebastian Giovinco, David Villa, and Kaká (and in one partial game at least, Andrea Pirlo) proving that big names don't really rest on their laurels anymore when it comes to this league, it is important to bring a star or two -- as long as they are the right guys -- aboard to really provide wow moments as well as points.

So let's talk about options starting in 2018 for Los Angeles Football Club below. I'd like to make this a regular series, having discussions in the comments section, so if it seems like folks are interested, we'll make it a thing around different topics each time.

I know Academies are important -- of course they are. But for this thread I want to focus on the star power, the combination of skill, name recognition and charisma that can help LAFC get started on the right foot, in the same way Kaká is doing in Orlando this year.

I've advocated for Cristiano Ronaldo and Chicharito already. If you like those choices, tell me why below. And if you have other ideas, share them -- I'd love to hear what you think. Who knows -- a name you provide could be wearing LAFC's colors in just a few years.