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LAFC ask supporters for input on keeping club name permanently

Like the name? Don't like it? Now's the time to speak up.

In a development that's not altogether surprising, it appears Los Angeles Football Club will become a permanent name for the new MLS club.

That's based on a letter sent to supporters this week, asking them to provide input on either keeping the LAFC name, announced as a placeholder when the franchise was announced in October 2014, or changing it (and soliciting input on alternate names).

LAFC name letter

Source: @LAFC_2018

Again, this probably isn't really a surprise that the winds appear to be blowing towards LAFC becoming the permanent name of the club, as the crowdsourcing of it has effectively been taking place since the team was officially announced. I imagine most of the contention will fall along the "FC vs. SC" lines, and I'm sure some folks will be pretty hot about their stance, but it seems pretty safe that the team is going to either be called "LAFC" or "LASC," and most likely the former.

But again, this isn't a done deal entirely. If you got the email, you can weigh in yourself. If not, you'll have to sign up as an LAFC Original, which includes reserving a season ticket for the inaugural season. If you have an opinion, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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