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Orange County Blues FC's magic number is nine points

Nine and you're...fine (for the playoffs)!

Liza Rosales/OC Blues FC

USL put out a cool feature this week showing the progress made and yet to be made for teams in the playoff hunt. It's a really cool article, featuring a visualization of the teams' points gathered, as well as a clear explanation of what it will take for each team to get into the playoffs. Definitely check it out in all its glory, and as a useful resource.

In the case of the Orange County Blues, their magic number is nine points. From the official write-up of their magic number:

The Blues can take a massive step toward a return to the playoffs with a win against Portland on Saturday, and also help out some of the clubs above them in the process.

Portland's magic number, by the way, is 22 points, just to give you a sense. Also, the Blues are fifth in the West for points needed to clinch a playoff place, so they're in good shape but certainly aren't assured of a place just yet.

So, nine points out of a possible 15 to assure a playoff spot in 2015 for OC. It's not easy, but also not insurmountable, and if things go their way, they could potentially pick up less than nine points and still reach the postseason. But now we have a solid sense of the work to be done by the Blues in the final five games.

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