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More indication LAFC will keep their name permanently

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If everybody loves it, then it's most likely sticking around.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Since LAFC asked "LAFC Originals", aka fans who have made a deposit on season tickets for the new MLS club's expansion season, about the name of the team and essentially wondering if they can just keep it as LAFC, I have been pretty firm in my belief "Los Angeles Football Club" will end up being the permanent name of the club.

Add some comments club president Tom Penn made in a recent issue of UK soccer business magazine FC Business to that belief. In a profile of the team and its stadium project, Penn briefly discussed the team's name in context of building the club's identity moving forward.

...We still haven't officially named the club but we've been working with LA FC (sic) as a working title and everybody seems to love that.

So based on that and the way the letter soliciting input on the name was worded, means it's going to be a massive surprise if the name is anything other than LAFC.

The FC Business profile discusses much more than the name, so be sure to check it out.

Will we learn the permanent name of the club before long? Stay tuned.

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