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LAFC's colors campaign continues, although one report claims team colors already decided

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More chance to share your feelings on five colors this week, though maybe it doesn't matter?

After a week of five basic colors, Los Angeles Football Club have five new colors for people to remark upon on social media. The options are...pretty different this time around.

Obviously, color preference is in the eye of the beholder, some may want a team that's decked out in pink and purple together, others will want gold lamé kits, you know, the usual. And it's a tricky balance to make between picking the handful of colors everybody seems to have and going for the unusual to stand out. Between pink, purple, orange, and what appears to be gold and silver (though the metallic colors are mismatched, for some reason), there is plenty of opportunity to go off the beaten path.

So you can make your voice heard regarding these colors on social media this week, as they roll out each color one by one. Since it's Monday, only one has been blown up so far:

However, if this report by Washington, D.C.-based reporter Pablo Maurer is to be believed, LAFC's colors quest is already done and dusted:

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