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Report: Los Angeles Football Club to be announced as club's official name on Tuesday

Sounds like some big (if unsurprising) news is coming down the pike soon.

Looks like they won't have to pull this down from their office wall.
Looks like they won't have to pull this down from their office wall.
Alicia Rodriguez

Los Angeles Football Club it is, apparently.

That's the word from Kevin Baxter of the LA Times, who has been well-placed on other reports surrounding the new MLS team in Los Angeles. In an article published on Monday, Baxter profiles the people who are working on marketing for the club at present, but one key piece of news is included: The club will officially be announced with a permanent name of Los Angeles Football Club on Tuesday.

This, of course, is not a surprise at all, following no grassroots campaign to call the team anything other than LAFC, the "placeholder" name given to the club when it was announced in Oct. 2014, a recent letter sent out to season-ticket deposit holders asking if they're cool with the current name, and comments made to a British publication by LAFC president Tom Penn that internally the name was well-liked.

If the team does indeed announce the permanent name tomorrow, and given Baxter's track record with this club there's no reason to believe otherwise at this point, then we can move on to the next box on the club-building to-do list.

Also, it's worth checking out the entire article from Baxter. It's pretty interesting and I hope to give my take on some of the points brought up in the near future.

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