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Official: LAFC to remain new MLS club's name permanently

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The working title is the title for good.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly a full year after announcing their existence, the team provisionally known as Los Angeles Football Club will keep that name permanently.

The club announced the news officially on Tuesday, following a "soft" announcement via The Los Angeles Times on Monday with a profile of the club.

From the release:

The Club determined the official name after months of engagement with supporters, partners, stakeholders and founding season ticket members.

"The name that we chose is true to Los Angeles, authentic to world football and speaks to our global ambitions," said the Club's Managing Partner and Owner, Henry Nguyen

If you've been following along, this is totally unsurprising news, as no alternative to LAFC had emerged since the club was announced at the end of October last year. For the critiques that the name is pretty bland, we're no longer in the 90s and we're not going to see names like the Los Angeles Buzz come up, and for those who were lobbying for the LA Aztecs, it's unclear if the old NASL name was ever a possibility for legal reasons, let alone one the new club would want to revive.

Among other tidbits in the release of note:

  • The team formally acknowledges they will begin play in 2018. That was basically a known fact for many months, but I believe this is the first point the team actually announced it, one year later than their initial 2017 start date.
  • The colors campaign currently going on social media is referenced, though this major caveat is included (emphasis mine): "The Club will use this feedback in combination with an evaluation of the MLS landscape to finalize the decision. The Club expects to announce its official colors and crest in the coming months." I think it's safe to say we won't see blue and white as the team's colors, but it's important to realize this is not a popular vote for the colors, which may already be decided.
So the name is official, the team can now start selling merch with it, one would think, and it's on to the next steps in building a new MLS team.

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