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LAFC announce Top 5 of recent colors campaign

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What colors will fans wear in the future?
What colors will fans wear in the future?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The, ahem, input is in, and Los Angeles Football Club announced the top five colors in their two-week social media campaign. Drum roll, please:

I'll just come out and say I think blue's out, since the other MLS team in LA uses blue as a primary color. The intriguing color, of course, is pink, which some LAFC fans have taken to as a good choice for a Juventus-style third jersey, and if the club wants to be bold, I suppose they could do that.

Based on these colors, they could make pink one of the main colors, which would make them the only ones in MLS with that color, to stand out. But my inclination is that's unlikely. We'll see, however, when the actual colors announcement is made by the club.

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