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LAFC release new stadium renderings to the public

Want another sneak peak of what's planned for the new stadium?

Los Angeles Football Club have a big town hall event with season-ticket deposit holders today, but ahead of the events, the club has released three new renderings (via KICKTV's social media) in and around the club's stadium, to be built in Los Angeles at the site of the Sports Arena.

Let's see them in some more detail...

LAFC museum view rendering

So this has a view of the proposed World Football Museum, an intriguing concept but one whose existence hasn't really been explained so far beyond a tacit, "It sounds pretty cool." I suppose they've got some time to figure it out.

LAFC supporters march rendering

The supporters will get their own entrance! In all seriousness, the idea of a march to the match sounds pretty cool, provided the supporters themselves actually want to do this, and it sounds like the available space around the stadium would lend itself to some tradition like this.

And finally, the soccer itself:

LAFC new game view rendering

From this view, it looks like the plan is to put the bulk of the spectators into a big lower bowl, with two very small sections above that, of boxes or regular seats depending on the location in the stadium. Notice, too, what appears to be a European-style bench of a banked section of seats for each team on the far side. That set-up isn't unique in MLS, with Sporting Kansas City already using it, but it's not yet the norm around the league.

It's unclear if these renderings from stadium architect Gensler are new or date back to their bid. What is interesting to note is that black and red remain the predominant colors for everything LAFC. Even the players on the field appear to be wearing black jerseys, white shorts and red socks. Now, just because an architect sets this up for renderings doesn't mean these are the permanent colors, but everything's pointing to black and red being part of the club's permanent palette.

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