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LAFC asking for input on team colors on social media this week

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What's your favorite color (for a soccer team)?

Will LAFC keep the black and red scheme or go with something else?
Will LAFC keep the black and red scheme or go with something else?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after sending out a letter to "LAFC Originals," aka supporters who have put in a deposit to reserve season tickets, to gauge interest in what the club currently known as Los Angeles Football Club will be called permanently(probable spoiler alert: It's likely to remain LAFC), the club has rolled out a new initiative this week, soliciting input on what the team's permanent colors will be on social media.

The team has used black and red, with white as a third color, since the team was announced in October 2014. Of course, one team already in MLS, D.C. United, use those three colors already, and another team, Atlanta United FC, will apparently be using gold, black and red as their colors.

So can LAFC realistically even keep black, red and white as their colors? Would they want red to be their main color with Chivas USA having had that as their primary color? Would they want (or could they even have ) white or blue as main colors given that those are the LA Galaxy's? That part's uncertain, to be honest, but at any rate, the club is asking for input on what colors should be theirs.

Presumably, yellow and red will be coming down the pike tomorrow and Friday as well.

So it's unclear if the team has a couple of ideas in place and are just feeling out public interest, or if they are still on the "ground floor" in trying to determine the colors. Much like the effort to reach out to "LAFC Originals" on the name, it is noteworthy (and on many levels, probably pretty smart) to not simply have a popular vote on a website about the colors, lest there be ballot-stuffing and people who don't care just screwing around.

On that note, those who have made season-ticket deposits will be invited to an upcoming Town Hall meeting organized by the club, to discuss the stadium and colors, so if you haven't gotten your deposit in yet but really want to have a say in building this new club, you probably ought to sign up soon.

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