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They may not have 2016 MLS Draft picks, but LAFC, OC Blues present at MLS Combine

Scoping out the happenings from Florida.

Some people in those seats were from our neck of the woods.
Some people in those seats were from our neck of the woods.
Robert Duyos-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, so we don't do a lot of MLS SuperDraft coverage these days for (hopefully) obvious reasons, but we noticed that the two local teams we cover had a presence at the MLS Combine, happening the past several days in Southern Florida.

First, he may have been in attendance for the reveal of LAFC's crest and colors in Los Angeles on Thursday, but vice president of soccer operations John Thorrington was headed to the Combine to scout talent, LAFC president Tom Penn told reporters. While LAFC won't be making any selections for a few drafts, it makes sense that he'd be scoping out players who could be in the team's plans down the line, presumably after they've gotten some pro experience, too.

But that's not all. Orange County Blues technical director Barry Venison tweeted several times the past several days, including at the Combine itself:

It appears USL teams were compelled to go to Florida, as the league also held meetings nearby, likely to ensure teams would send staff members out to scout players, too. And that certainly makes sense, as a fair number of the players at this year's Combine, those drafted and not, will end up playing in USL this year.

At any rate, we won't be covering LAFC draft picks (it's not 2018 yet) or OC Blues draft results (they don't have a draft) this week, but we may see some of these players on these clubs, sooner or later.

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