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OC Blues winger Denzel Slager may be moving to the LA Galaxy (or LA Galaxy II)

He may be joining the Galaxy, but he may not want to compare himself to Beckham just yet.

Liza Rosales/OC Blues FC

Could Orange County Blues winger Denzel Slager be on the move to crosstown rivals LA Galaxy?

That's the word out of the Netherlands, where Slager did a series of interviews last month discussing his move to the US, his burgeoning modeling career, and his apparent deal with the Galaxy (Dutch).

Slager says in the interviews that he's signed with Wilhelmina Models in Los Angeles, although he also indicates that soccer still comes first in his career.

The player who was arguably the best MLS prospect on the Blues in 2015, Slager scored six goals and two assists in 21 appearances across all competitions in 2015. A big speedy traditional winger who also has the ability to dribble and cut inside into the box, the 22-year-old is an intriguing prospect.

But while the Dutch stories gave the impression a deal with the Galaxy was done (and implied it would be with the first team), The Goat Parade reached out to a Galaxy spokesperson for comment, who responded on Monday that a deal had not been done and Slager might join LA Galaxy II.

All in all, signing a USL deal may make more sense, and if Slager impresses again, he may end up on the MLS team one day. Of course, for the Blues losing Slager to the crosstown rivals probably isn't their favored option, but so it goes in USL.

(H/T @DaniNi29 for the tip about Slager in the Dutch press)

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