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Rumors persist of NASL coming to Southern California

The OC and San Diego rumored to be in the running.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

We've been covering rumors of the NASL coming to Southern California for some time now, and another report came out on Thursday, courtesy of Empire of Soccer, where Dave Martinez says, "several sources tell EoS that potential ownership groups are eyeing a home in either the San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego or Las Vegas markets."

San Diego is new, as it had recently been mooted (and then kind of rejected) as an eventual MLS expansion city by Commissioner Don Garber, but Orange County was previously rumored a little over a month ago, with singer Sting said to be part of the bid.

Martinez reports that NASL could announce several expansion cities in the weeks to come. Presumably, that would be to help prevent a lone West Coast team from having to bear the burden of traveling across the continent for every away game. He also notes that a "high-profile owner" is part of one of the potential cities, so I guess the possibility of Sting is still alive.

For now, it seems that San Francisco is the front-runner to actually seal an expansion slot, but given the rumors kicking around maybe a Southern California team would join them. I doubt the league would go into both San Diego and Orange County at once, but I don't make the decisions. We'll have to wait and see.

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