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Only (hopefully) two more years until preseason begins for LAFC!

Anybody know how to make time go faster?

LAFC (used with permission)

It's that time of year, when MLS preseasons get underway and the hope of a positive season ahead is on everyone's mind. "This could be our year!" "This will be our year!" "It's our year again!" It's a wonderful thing.

Of course, MLS preseason doesn't mean quite as much for those of us waiting for our team to join the league. But don't worry - we're keeping track of the timeline. Only two more years to go, probably!

To recap, the current talk for LAFC to enter MLS is 2018. After initially going with 2017 when they announced their expansion team in Oct. 2014, they ultimately pushed the start date back a year. The club has said repeatedly that they are planning for 2018, but that is not altogether locked in stone. They probably will start in 2018, but it's not officially official, yet.

Here's hoping it's only two more years to go. We wish we could be poring over grainy videos from training camp to figure out who's on trial and desperately picking up any crumbs at all for the season ahead over the next several weeks. Instead, we're waiting patiently for the stadium process to continue and are looking ahead to shovels going into dirt. And the academy, we hear that could be starting up soon, fingers crossed.

Either way, LAFC fans have two more years, probably, to wait for the first team preseason to get underway. Life goes on, but we can't wait until the big day, and we'll cover whatever is coming in the meantime.

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