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Possible LAFC logo leaked on internet

Just hours before Los Angeles' MLS expansion franchise, LAFC, were set to unveil their official logo, a design that looks awfully 'MLS official' leaked on Twitter.

In this day and age you always have to be wary of fakes and spoofs of new graphic designs. Photoshopped images are always in the shadows waiting to fool you, so this leaked image should be taken with a minor grain of salt until the club officially unveils later today.

Here it is;

A slender and sleek design with a purely gold and black theme. While some are comparing it to two other expansion club's designs, Atlanta United and Minnesota United, it's a unique idea on its own. The 'A' in LA is obviously designed to look like an angel's wing (I don't think that needs further explanation) in a tasteful fashion.

The gold and black contrast is very elegant and should make for some very interesting apparel for the brand new club.

We should all wait until today's announcement to believe this leak 100%, but we've seen enough fakes in our time to go ahead and say this is likely it.

What do you think of the logo? Give us your thoughts in the comments