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LAFC officially reveal crest, black and gold as primary colors

The club takes a step forward in unveiling more of their identity.

LAFC (used with permission)

LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles Football Club took a step in their project to build an expansion team on Thursday, as they publicly revealed their crest and colors in front of reporters, supporters and city dignitaries in a morning event at Union Station in Los Angeles.

The crest, developed and designed by Spark International co-founder Thai Nguyen and the creative team of Tue Nguyen and Matthew Wolff, is in black and gold, with a shield around the words in homage to the shield in the Seal of the City of Los Angeles, according to a team release. The most prominent part is the wing springing off the 'A,', and the look is designed to evoke the Art Deco design that was a hallmark of Los Angeles design in the 1920s.

The primary colors are black and gold, with red serving as a tertiary color. Although it is not present in the crest, red will be used as an accent color and LAFC managing partner Henry Nguyen noted after the press conference, "Red is about heart and soul, and we're in the heart of the city and that's really a part of the expression of that."

Team president Tom Penn noted the black and gold colors were "unique in global football."

The club had merchandise for sale at the morning event, and told The Goat Parade they will have more in Thursday evening's event, also to be held at Union Station. For those who won't be attending, you can also purchase LAFC gear from the MLSStore now (glad to see they have women's gear from day one).

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