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LAFC reveal two new members of the ownership group, including actor Will Ferrell

The biggest surprise in the press conference came at the very end.

Welcome to the (ownership) team, Will.
Welcome to the (ownership) team, Will.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Brandon Beck.

Ok, maybe he prefers it this way, who knows. But after being announced as the 25th owner of the LAFC during the crest and colors event on Thursday, Beck, the co-founder of Riot Games and the hit game "League of Legends," was upstaged by the 26th member of the ownership group, Will Ferrell.

Yes, that Will Ferrell. The one who has a hit movie or two every year, who was a star on "Saturday Night Live," who has made high concept comedy films in recent years, including "Casa de Mi Padre," which was entirely in Spanish and the recent Lifetime movie "A Deadly Adoption," which was entirely a melodramatic Lifetime movie, is now an LAFC co-owner.

The announcement of both new owners was a surprise, but a hint was quickly given when Tom Penn mentioned the "25 owners" of the club at the top of the press conference at Union Station on Thursday. Ferrell was the capper on the event, however, as he interrupted co-owner Mia Hamm's remarks during the press conference, bringing a director's chair with him onstage, plunking it down and sitting in it.

After a few moments of uncertainty of whether it was a bit, Ferrell was indeed revealed to be a new owner, and he was given a few minutes to make remarks about the move.

"This is not a joke," Ferrell said. "I grew up playing soccer on the mean streets of Irvine, California starting when I was eight years old." The crowd unsurprisingly laughed at that assertion.

"I continue to play club soccer, our three boys all play soccer, my wife played soccer at Pomona. To say that soccer is a big part of our lives is an understatement, and I'm proud to be a member of this wonderful ownership group."

While the ever-growing list of owners is becoming a joke within wider MLS circles, it does seem to indicate two key elements: One, presumably every new owner is paying in to the club, and they're all rich people so that increases the pool of money with which they can work with, and two, people actually want to be a part of this project.

We know Will Farrell is not going to be sitting in business meetings and evaluating talent and signing players. The "Kicking and Screaming" gifs are going to come out in full force (and they probably should), but he's not going to be coaching the team. But he's a successful guy, clearly likes sports, and adds some sizzle to the club.

Ultimately, the value of the team will be judged by the on-field product and its popularity, but I don't think anyone can say it was a "bad" move to welcome two new guys, including a Hollywood star, to the ownership ranks.

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