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Mia Hamm is keeping the dream of a Los Angeles women's soccer team alive

The legend says discussions are ongoing.

Hamm: Keeping the woso dream alive.
Hamm: Keeping the woso dream alive.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- MLS is the main project for LAFC, for obvious reasons, but for those looking to bring first-division women's soccer back to Los Angeles, the dream is still alive.

Mia Hamm Garciaparra, the legendary women's soccer player and co-owner of LAFC, originally spoke to the possibility of the club getting into the women's soccer game when LAFC was originally announced in Oct. 2014. At the time, she noted she would love to see it happen, although it obviously wouldn't be first on the priority list.

Following the press conference where LAFC's crest and colors were officially unveiled on Thursday at Union Station, Hamm was asked once again about the potential of bringing women's soccer to the area, and she remained cautiously optimistic.

"We're always still thinking about it," Hamm told assembled reporters. "Obviously we're part of the MLS, we're going to get that going first. But it's always been part of the discussion and continues to be part of the discussion."

Hamm explained establishing the LAFC (men's) academy and eventually signing players for the MLS team were main priorities, but the project of bringing first-division women's soccer back, which hasn't been present since WPS side Los Angeles Sol folded before the 2010 season, is still on the club's radar.

Of course, in the meantime WPS also folded as a league, and the current top flight is NWSL, about to enter its fourth season, which is unprecedented in American women's pro soccer. Given Hamm's experience playing in one of two leagues that ultimately shut down, she notes some caution in ensuring the NWSL continues to operate until LAFC can seriously get into the prospect of women's soccer.

"But believe me, I'm very vocal about wanting a women's team to be a part of [the club]," she said. "We have to continue to have this current league exist, so I could want it in 2018 and we could be having a different discussion."

The two-time World Cup winner did recognize the fact that Southern California is a hotbed of women's soccer, and was confident a new team could find a foothold in the local market.

"Listen, there's so many players here. I know it's a business, but if there's any place in the country that has a fanbase and support, it would be here in LA, in Southern California."

For other WoSo fans, here's hoping the dream can one day be reality.

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