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Initial reactions from Twitter on LAFC's crest

What did some corners of soccer twitter think about the new logo?

Coming up with a witty one-liner on the new look?
Coming up with a witty one-liner on the new look?
Bryan Thomas/Getty Images

The social media reaction to the newly unveiled LAFC crest on Thursday was as swift as it was honest. Commenters from around the internet had plenty to say about the design by Spark International co-founder Thai Nguyen and the creative team of Tue Nguyen and Matthew Wolff, and as you would expect, opinions run the gamut from derision to worship.

Taken together however, these things can add up to some otherwise recognizable images.

Yeah... Atlanta uses those colors, as well as red, which was the announced tertiary color of LAFC. But there's another thing here too. If you're wondering where you've seen those wings before...

And if you need more convincing...

It wasn't all bad, though. Plenty of folks were struck immediately, and are pretty darn happy with how the brand turned out.

The design is even, perhaps, bringing people to soccer itself.

Whatever your thoughts on LAFC's new brand, it's certainly a bold direction overall, and the club seems to be running aggressively with it. From the beginning, its marketing has retained a unique feel, seeming generally to target a singular lifestyle in this, one of the most diverse cities on Earth. Judge for yourself. Is the new design consistent with the message, and perhaps more importantly, is the message representative of LA?

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