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LAFC announces technology partnership with IBM

Deal said to provide “world class fan experience” at Banc of California Stadium.

LAFC crest Courtesy of LAFC

Los Angeles Football Club announced a new partnership on Thursday, teaming up with technology giant IBM to “[leverage] IBM’s innovative converged technology platforms to deliver a world class fan experience” at LAFC’s stadium.

The club, in the midst of tearing down the Sports Arena in South Los Angeles so that their Banc of California Stadium can open for a projected date of 2018, have been in touch with supporters from the beginning of their brainstorming process on the stadium. Connectivity inside the stadium, and a projection to expand the technology in the future in line with technological advances, are hallmarks of the deal.

“We are thrilled about forging this partnership with an iconic international technology leader like IBM,” said LAFC president and owner Tom Penn in a team statement on the move. “This partnership underscores our Club’s commitment to leveraging innovation for a best in class fan experience. With the pace of technological evolution, this partnership will set us up to provide best-in-class connectivity in the Banc of California Stadium, not only in 2018, but also as we look into the future."

In addition to outfitting the stadium for wifi, the announcement also touts the ability of the technological partnership to help with physical stadium security, “that can identify issues involving the stadium's ingress and egress before they have an impact on fans. This will help create a secure stadium that utilizes advanced physical security systems.”

So provided this all comes together as advertised, it should be pretty cool for those who will attend games. At the very least, a stable internet connection in the stands would be great, since past trips to Dodger Stadium have involved plenty of waiting and no activity on a mobile device. Instead of ignoring fan desires to be connected during games, providing the framework to make sure connectivity is possible should certainly enhance the fan experience at the stadium.

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