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Let’s check in on the progress at LAFC’s stadium site

Looks like the project is coming along apace.

LAFC stadium rendering Courtesy of LAFC

Los Angeles Football Club set up a livecam at the site of their Banc of California Stadium, which will be the club’s home when it opens (expected in 2018). So far, crews are working to tear down the Sports Arena, a necessary step before building their own stadium, of course.

And there’s been plenty of progress so far, at least by the looks of it, as highlighted by a recent timelapse video released by LAFC at the stadium site:

As you might expect, remembrances of the Sports Arena are finally cropping up, although the theme more or less focuses on the fact that the arena was not a beloved Los Angeles venue or landmark.

The LA Times had a nice overview of the Sports Arena’s history last week, conceding it was a most utilitarian venue built to be versatile, but in the end coming up short as a premier arena despite some modest charm.

The Sports Arena cost $6 million in the 1960s. Banc of California Stadium is publicly budgeted at $350 million in the present. Obviously inflation has changed the value of money substantially over time, but it’s quite a contrast between two projects on the same soil.

The LAFC stadium livecam is still up and running, in case you’re wondering, so you can check out the continuing progress on the project when you like.

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