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Local Los Angeles morning news thinks Bob Bradley is managing Chelsea

They both end in ‘sea, right?

United States v Spain Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images

Good news! A local station in Los Angeles is reporting about an American and soccer in the morning rundown.

Bad news! They have no idea which team is involved!

Yes, Champagne Soccer tweeted a clip of ABC7’s morning news, read by Leslie Sykes, announcing on Monday that Bob Bradley has been hired by English club Chelsea.

The problem, of course, is that Bradley has been hired by Swansea City, not Chelsea, who have a newish manager of their own who is Italian and definitely not American.

So it’s pretty sweet to have the local news, who could be telling you about the crime happening in the streets or about the charity fundraiser featuring a C-list star, talk about global soccer that includes an American for a minute. It’s just too bad there wasn’t an extra moment of fact-checking before that item went live.

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(H/T Champagne Soccer)