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Parts of Sports Arena to be included in LAFC stadium, literally

Recycling is good.

MLS: LAFC-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you can’t get enough of Los Angeles Football Club news regarding the club’s new stadium project, here’s an interesting tidbit included in a recent profile of the project from the LA Times’ Kevin Baxter:

The work crew is also harvesting 30,000 tons of concrete from the Sports Arena demolition and recycling it on site, where it will be broken down and a portion reused in the new construction, assuring a part of the Sports Arena will always be part of the new stadium.

It’s kind of a nice symmetry, to have some continuity between the Sports Arena and what will become Banc of California Stadium in the literal components of the new structure. And it’s also nice to recycle, something that is a veritable cliche for Southern California but likely not something done very often in enormous construction projects.

Baxter’s update on the project is certainly worth a read. Construction should get underway in a matter of weeks! 2018 here we come!

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