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Ladbrokes tabs LAFC as Wayne Rooney’s most likely destination

The betting house currently thinks he’s headed to a SoCal MLS team, most likely.

Fenerbahce SK v Manchester United FC - UEFA Europa League
Rooney: Running to LA in the future?
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

A day after Wayne Rooney was mentioned as a mooted Designated Player target for Los Angeles Football Club, the MLS expansion team moved to the head of the class in potential future destinations for the Manchester United player, in one regard, anyway.

English betting company Ladbrokes has put LAFC in the top of the running among the contenders for Rooney’s next club (at 7/4 odds on Tuesday), ahead of fellow MLS outfit LA Galaxy (9/4 odds), returning to the Liverpudlian’s original pro club, Everton (5/2) and the general prospect of going to China (8/1).

Of course, complicating matters, regardless of whether Ladbrokes has inside info or not (in this case, I would hazard a guess that they don’t) LAFC won’t start playing until March 2018, and recent reports speculate he could be leaving Man United as soon as January. Of note, his contract is reportedly not up until the end of 2019, in which case LAFC are likely praying they can find a way to cancel the current contract and start over, rather than have to pay a transfer fee, and that’s assuming all other terms and such fall into place.

Regardless, beyond the affirmation from the club on Monday that they are indeed looking at Rooney at the moment, it’s all speculation. And even if he doesn’t end up in Los Angeles with the black-and-gold, that report is helping get the team name in the British news?

We’ll, of course, have more on transfer rumors, including this one, as we hear more.

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