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Meet Angels on Parade at Saturday’s LAFC Black & Gold Rally

Come say hello if you’ll be there!

Courtesy of LAFC

Los Angeles Football Club is hosting their second supporter rally on Saturday, the LAFC Black & Gold Rally.

The first one, held in September, was by all accounts a pretty enjoyable experience.

The first rally was full to capacity, with attendees needing to RSVP to get in the door, something that’s also true for Saturday’s rally. So if you didn’t get a chance to RSVP yet, you’ll have to wait for another opportunity in the future.

If, however, you did get your name on the list for Saturday, Angels on Parade (specifically, Alicia) will also be at the event. Feel free to say hello! I’d love to see some old friends, make some new ones, and hear from you about LAFC, Angels on Parade, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

So don’t be shy. If you see the nerdy soccer blogger in the crowd, be sure to say hello. Let’s have some fun at the Black & Gold Rally!

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