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Poll: Which OC Blues rebrand option do you like best?

News broke this week that the Orange County Blues majority owner, James Keston, has filed four new trademarks for soccer team names, following a promised rebrand made when he was first announced as the USL club's new owner in September.

It seems pretty likely at this point that one of those four names will become the Blues' new brand. And with the club promising to get fan input in deciding on the new identity, why not get the ball rolling?

So we're opening a poll for you to pick any of the choices (or reject them all, if that's how you feel). Yes, I know there was an election in the United States yesterday, and I'm sure some of you aren't in the mood to think about voting right now. This is not a presidential election, this is a fun poll to choose a name for a soccer team.

Here are the four options, as trademarked by Keston:

  • Orange County Football Club
  • Orange County Futbol Club
  • Football Club of Orange County
  • Futbol Club of Orange County
So make your pick -- what do you want for the Blues' future name?

What do you think? Leave a comment below!