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Angels on Parade’s 2016 holiday wishlist

Happy holidays!

Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers Search For Christmas Gifts Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Happy holidays! Hopefully you are doing some fun things this weekend, spending time with those you love — or at least getting some time for some contact and reflection. And food. And gifts.

In that vein, we would like to share our holiday wishlist for the year ahead. We know we won’t get these gifts Christmas day, and that’s ok. But if these things are on the way, we’ll be thrilled.

  • Players for LAFC: We know Los Angeles Football Club will be nowhere near a full roster in 2017, but we do expect players to be signed in the coming year. No matter if they are youngsters or veterans, stars or role players, we hope they will be good players and up for the challenge of an expansion team campaign in 2018.
  • A coach for LAFC: A coach could be hired tomorrow or in January 2018. Many factors will go into play for that, but much like the players, here’s hoping the team’s first coach is an inspired choice, a combination of dynamism and understanding of the task at hand, and capable of taking the team to a strong first-year start...and beyond.
  • Success, on and off the field, for Orange County’s USL team: To say 2017 will be a transition time for the team still known as the Orange County Blues is an understatement. A new name, new crest, new home, new coach, and as part of a new partnership with LAFC means the changes are a-coming. Let’s hope the moves made in all of those facets will lead to success on the field, but just as much off the field, where the team has potential but has needed more resources used to cultivate a vibrant fanbase. In other words, we wish for the best of Orange County in the years to come.

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