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LAFC drop new Banc of California Stadium renderings

Several new views of the project that’s already under construction.

Courtesy of LAFC

Construction of Los Angeles Football Club’s Banc of California Stadium is underway, and if everything goes well, it should be ready to occupy and view games in by 2018.

Of course, everybody excited about the project is eager to see what the plans for the stadium will be, and LAFC dropped some cool new renderings of the stadium over the weekend, to give us a taste of what is to come.

Above, you’ll see the view from the center line in the middle of the stadium. Looks like New York City FC is in town.

In the next rendering, below, it appears the Banc will have a food truck presence, which sounds pretty cool for those wanting some good local eats.

Courtesy of LAFC

And here’s a new view of the sideline seats, which I believe are the field suites. You’ll notice there are no boxes down here, so patrons will presumably be focused on the action on the field. Kits are black, something I expect will be the dominant color, but I would expect some more embellishment on the final product. Also, I don’t see advertising bumpers along the sideline, something I would expect in the real thing.

Courtesy of LAFC

Finally, we have a view of the North end of the stadium, including the peek at the Los Angeles skyline.

Courtesy of LAFC

Is it 2018 yet?

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