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Report: Professional futsal league coming, to include Los Angeles team

A cousin of soccer coming to greater prominence in the United States?

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

The news that NBA team owner Mark Cuban announced his involvement in owning a professional futsal league, the appropriately named Professional Futsal League, in the United States last week was mostly accompanied by a collective shrug, at least around soccer circles.

It's not like it was a negative response, it's that the league itself doesn't field teams or play games yet. Futsal is very much a niche sport at this point, so folks were more than likely waiting to hear more about the story before really doing much.

But the Dallas Morning News elaborated on the initial announcement, reporting on Wednesday that the league is planning to have 16 teams, and that in addition to Cuban's involvement, there will be multiple NBA owners and several international soccer clubs involved in the new venture.

On a local level, the report includes the information that Los Angeles will be one of the cities to field a team -- New York City is listed to have two teams, but no such information is volunteered for LA or Southern California more broadly.

Update (Feb. 11): A new report from the Dallas Morning News on Thursday said a team will also be coming to Anaheim. You can find more details on the new league in the latest report.

The league is reportedly expecting to launch in 2017, although the detail in the note that "The PFL season will consist of about 50 games. The season's start and end dates probably will be largely determined by TV networks," doesn't make sense to me. A 16-team league with 50 games total makes no sense, and 50 games per season per team seems like a lot. Still, the NBA is used to an 82-game regular season, so who knows.

If this story does actually get off the ground and if futsal will become the next next sport of the future (I kid, I kid, if futsal takes off, then great), we'll be sure to cover the details, especially if there's going to be an LA team.

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