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Will Ferrell talks LAFC, invites Justin Timberlake to ownership group, on "The Tonight Show"

Ferrell continues LAFC promotion blitz in popular culture.

Turns out having a popular Hollywood star be a co-owner of a soccer team helps get the word out.

Will Ferrell continued his promotional tour for "Zoolander 2" with an appearance on "The Tonight Show" on Monday, and Los Angeles Football Club, where Ferrell joined the ownership group as announced last month, came up during his segment with Jimmy Fallon.

Ferrell elaborated on his preferred management style, saying he wanted to be a George Steinbrenner type, both in fashion selections and in his penchant for hiring and firing managers "10 times." That's a joke, probably.

Ferrell also rattled off a few of the other LAFC owners for Fallon, joking that Justin Timberlake was part of the group, then putting out a personal appeal to the singer/actor, saying he was "more than welcome" to join the ownership clan.

During the discussion, Fallon noted "I'm going to be rooting for these guys," so there's another celebrity perhaps casting his lot with the new MLS team in town.

Catch the whole LAFC/soccer-related segment on "The Tonight Show" above.

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