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Are the LA Galaxy pinching LAFC's marketing vibe?

On the heels of the uber-hip LAFC brand unveil last month, future rivals on the pitch LA Galaxy are teasing the the launch of their 2016 kit in a very familiar fashion.

Perusing Twitter recently you may have come across this shiny little ad:

It's a bit of a new direction for the LA Galaxy's marketing. The video portrays several LA players as hip, urban men about town, and is, if you can get past how awkwardly uncharacteristic this is for Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard, quite tastefully done.

The clip is an attention grab for the lead-up to the "launch of the club's new 2016 primary kit and 2016 marketing campaign," according to the Galaxy's site. The event will be held at BLENDS, a lifestyle shoe store in downtown LA. It all ties in very well to an emerging and desirable target demographic, and is instantly visually appealing...

...which is why LAFC adopted this marketing strategy basically from its inception.

Take a look at the official LAFC Instagram, for some context. Long before the club's star-studded and carefully planned identity launch, its marketing minds were targeting millennials, and culturally-aware millennials at that. It's a strategy so richly competent, so meticulously attuned to the modern American soccer fan, that even the mighty LA Galaxy decided to get in on the action.

Is this a whole new tact for the OG's of Southern California soccer? Perhaps we'll learn more about the "marketing campaign" at the kit launch on Thursday. Let the brand battles begin!

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