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LAFC academy to play first games this month

Not only will they play, they're taking a road trip!

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, folks! Wondering about Los Angeles Football Club news? So were we. Fortunately, Kevin Baxter of the Los Angeles Times just reported on the MLS expansion team's new academy, and shared a couple key tidbits from talking to executive vice president of soccer operations John Thorrington.

The current team in LAFC's academy, a nascent U-12 side, will play their first games in a 7v7 tournament in Texas this month, according to Baxter's feature. We may not get wall to wall coverage on this occasion with the first competitive games at any level for the organization, seeing as we're talking about boys soccer, but we'll try to get more details on what happens. And anyway, that's good news!

The second tidbit is interesting for those wondering where the academy will set up headquarters for training and games, as well as the expansion of the academy. The U-12 team is playing at Cal State University-Los Angeles and could make a home there:

Cal State L.A. and the team would like to work out a long-term deal as the academy expands to include four other age-group teams over the next two years. Thorrington, noting the school's location near the city center and its two on-campus high schools, is optimistic about the negotiations.

So for those who have recommended Cal State LA as the academy's home base, you may be getting your wish. And assuming the organization placed high priority in locating the academy within city limits, in line with their emphasis on the new stadium being located in Los Angeles, and if an agreement comes together, it seems like a good fit for all partiies.

And with four other teams coming, the expansion of the academy should be ramping up pretty quickly. Exciting times!

You can check out all of Baxter's profile on the academy, which is a worthwhile read, and also this Soccerex interview with Thorrington that also dropped last week.

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