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Are the OC Blues going to come under LAFC umbrella one day?

We ask LAFC about the recent report.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Could the Orange County Blues eventually merge with the Los Angeles Football Club organization?

That's the report from USL blog Scratching the Pitch last week, claiming a merger between the clubs is in the works, citing an unnamed USL source.

According to Chad Hollingsworth's report, "efforts are being made to merge" a potential standalone LAFC USL team with the Blues. Now, USL side OC Blues actually exist, while LAFC's USL team doesn't, so it appears less to be a merger between two teams and more a possible arrangement to either bring the Blues into the LAFC umbrella in some capacity, or for LAFC to effectively buy OC's USL franchise license and start over with it.

Of course, there isn't yet any official confirmation of this report. Hollingsworth's report says that an OC Blues official "professed to have no knowledge of a potential merger with LAFC."

LAFC's John Thorrington has briefly discussed the club's interest in getting involved in USL relatively soon in a couple of outlets the past few months.

The Goat Parade reached out to Thorrington about the report connecting LAFC to the Blues, and he responded, "We are...exploring all options to see what makes best sense for LAFC. At this stage, there are no specifics to discuss."

Given a denial by a Blues official and a not-denial-but-not-confirmation-either from the LAFC side, this appears to be a story to watch, although not obviously anything close to a sure thing.

There are several possibilities that could be on the cards, but it does seem possible that when LAFC sets up their USL arrangements in the years to come, we may not see three USL teams altogether in Los Angeles County and Orange County (Hollingsworth also reported a potential USL expansion bid in San Diego, but that's also a report to keep an eye on for the time being). Instead, we may see two teams in the greater LA area, with two, possibly three organizations involved. Stay tuned.

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