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MLS Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott: LAFC stadium project remains on track for 2018

Not groundbreaking stuff, but reassuring nonetheless.

Courtesy of LAFC

MLS Commissioner Don Garber and Deputy Commissioner Mark Abbott participated in an annual media roundtable with journalists on Thursday, dropping all kinds of nuggets about topics of interest to MLS fans and media.

Of interest to a local audience, Abbott said LAFC's stadium project was on track:

Ok, so this may not be breaking news, but it is a good sign. Of course, actual demolition of the Sports Arena and construction of LAFC's stadium has not yet begun, so it's tough to write 2018 in ink at the moment barring unforeseen delays, but being on track is always a good thing.

In addition, it sounds like the Miami expansion team, which verges ever-closer to reality on a regular basis, still isn't fully done-done. While LAFC has not been officially confirmed to enter MLS in 2018 but is effectively on that course at this point (and is guaranteed to enter at some point), Miami's status of entering the same year appears to still be in doubt.

So the good news is that LAFC appear to be on track from all accounts, especially at the league level. Still nearly two full years until they probably start playing in MLS, but the day is getting closer and closer.

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