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Orange County Blues learn potential opponents for 2016 U.S. Open Cup

The Blues will stay local in their opening game of the knockout tournament.

U.S. Soccer

The Orange County Blues learned their potential opponents for their opening game (one hopes!) in the 2016 U.S. Open Cup tournament. The Blues will enter the competition in the second round and will take on the winner of the Ventura County Fusion vs. LA Wolves FC first-round match-up, on the road, on or around Wednesday, May 18. Specific details of the game have yet to be released.

The good news is that although the game is on the road, the trip will remain local, and they got the only all-SoCal second round match-up.

And while it's not exactly bad news, last year's experience, when the Blues lost their only Open Cup match to local amateur side PSA Elite, means this year's game will probably not be a walk in the park. LA Wolves, new to the Open Cup and the local soccer scene, are likely quite a mystery at this point, although they've played well in their local league, the UPSL, while the Fusion are a team very much experienced in the USOC and accustomed to winning games in the tournament. Either way, if the Blues want to move on and play teams in the divisions above them, they probably can't take it easy in this game, regardless of the opponent.

We'll see how the preparations go and who will be the definite opponent (the first round game will be held on May 11) in the weeks to come.

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