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LAFC's Tom Penn drops more hints at girls academy program in future

Another member of the ownership group indicates a girls program is on the horizon.

Penn: Indicates support to expand to girls academy.
Penn: Indicates support to expand to girls academy.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club president Tom Penn was on podcast "ExtraTime Radio" on Monday, discussing the stadium project and a few other notes. But for those interested in girls' and women's soccer, he also commented on the speculation surrounding a future foray into girls soccer, supporting our recent exclusive with LAFC soccer operations director John Thorrington that a girls academy program appeared to possibly be in the club's future.

"Yes, we have started our [boys] U-12 team," Penn told the show. "Pretty good little dudes, I'll tell you that. And we are very interested in the girls market, or the girls opportunities as well. We've got an owner on our squad named Mia Hamm, who was particularly interested in that.

"Soccer is such an exploding sport, and so important in this region in particular with the weather. It's perfect all the time, perfect for soccer. So we plan to have a robust and active academy."

It's fitting with the breadcrumbs so far from Hamm and Thorrington that girls soccer, and hopefully also professional women's soccer, are aspects that LAFC are seriously looking to incorporate into their club.

And while Penn offered no timeline on a girls academy program and it's probably going to be some time before anything concrete really comes from this chatter, I think the fact that multiple people representing LAFC continually offer support of girls' and women's soccer in Southern California is a good sign that something will come to fruition one day.

You can hear the entire "ExtraTime Radio" interview with Penn on The interview begins at about the 28:30 mark.

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