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LAFC to have good public transit options compared to other MLS teams

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If enough people use it, public transit access could be a real advantage for LAFC.

One of the features touted for Los Angeles Football Club's new stadium is the accessibility to public transit options. With the greater Los Angeles area being so spread out, giving some spectators an option to easily go to the stadium via the Metro system is a no-brainer, from a convenience, accessibility, and environmental standpoint.

To compare the public transit options for all MLS and future MLS stadia (and Sacramento, too), a Reddit user, faizimam, put together a visual comparison of the public transit options that could get users to an MLS stadium within 45 minutes. Although the poster acknowledges LA's map is inaccurate, most notably in light of a brand new extension of the Metro's Expo Line to and from Santa Monica that is today up and running for the first time, the catchment area is pretty good for much of the city of Los Angeles:

LAFC Metro map faizimam (r/MLS)

Now, if you scroll through the whole group of maps created, it does not appear the scale is absolutely identical for all of the images. But the coverage area, again with the 45 minute cutoff, not a map showing the only available options, looks pretty good overall for LAFC, and certainly better than the stadiums located in suburbs of major cities.

Speaking of which, the easiest comparison is to StubHub Center in Carson:

Carson Metro map

The comparison is pretty stark, if obvious.

Now, a couple caveats to this, especially in comparing LAFC and the LA Galaxy. First, it will be interesting to see how much public transportation is used to get to LAFC's stadium once that is built and hosting games. If only 50 people take advantage of it, then the access is more or less irrelevant. Given the chatter so far from folks saying they plan to use the Metro to get to LAFC's stadium, I imagine it will be far more than 50 people, but whether the number will be in the hundreds or thousands remains to be seen.

Furthermore, the region still remains auto-centric for the majority of Angelinos and those living in the region. For example, I took the Metro from my LA base in Northeast Los Angeles to Pasadena for the CONCACAF Cup game between the U.S. and Mexico last year, and made it to Pasadena in about 20 minutes, which was incredibly convenient and roughly the time it would have taken driving with little traffic.

And then I learned I had a two-mile walk to the Rose Bowl, and it was over 100 degrees. That was far less convenient, as you can imagine, and as a result I'm not planning on doing that again.

Exposition Park is not the Rose Bowl, and the stadium-to-public transit distance does not appear to be anything close to that distance, fortunately. But given the traffic demands in the city, it is good to see there will be multiple options to get to games, including public transit, and that should help ease congestion and help people make use of Metro, too.

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