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LAFC future season ticket holders get swag from the club

Some new gear to show off around town ahead of 2018.

Are you an LAFC Original? If you are, you have gotten or will be getting some sweet swag from Los Angeles Football Club, as those who have made deposits on season tickets got some gear to reflect their status:

That little thing in the middle isn't a teabag (which I thought it was at first, even though that doesn't make any sense, I realize), it's a pin and surrounding package. Here's a different view of the pack:

Ok, here's one more look at the goodies:

LAFC Original! A local club to follow and support. #wearelafc #blackandgold @lafc #mufcforever #localfootball

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Want to get in on the action? Sign up to become an LAFC Original and make a deposit on a season ticket for the black-and-gold's debut season.

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