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LA City Council approves LAFC stadium project

The big day came, and the team succeeded in getting approval.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club had their day in front of the Los Angeles City Council on Friday morning, as the Council heard speakers from the City Attorney's office, supporters of the nascent MLS club, legal representatives and owners of the club give their take on the project ahead of the Council's vote to approve and proceed with the stadium project at the site of the LA Sports Arena, something the council approved unanimously.

LAFC owners Henry Nguyen, Tom Penn and vice president of soccer operations John Thorrington were among those in attendance at the meeting. LA city councilmember Curran Price, Jr., whose district is where the stadium is set to be located, then spoke to the council, advocating for the project.

Nguyen and Penn then spoke to the council, before the vote was taken. In the end the proposal for approval received 12 yes votes, paving the way for the club to take over the Sports Arena site and embark on demolition and then construction of the new stadium project.

It's a landmark day for LAFC, as they have received the necessary government approvals to proceed, and this appears to keep them on track for taking over the site, which back in December was pegged to mid-May. Congratulations to LAFC for checking another box off on their quest to build their own stadium.

Check out the club's official press release on the news on their website.

You can watch the video of Friday's LA City Council meeting here.

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