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Chicharito, Clint Dempsey each approaching history in Copa America 2016

It's milestone time around CONCACAF!

Harry How/Getty Images

An interesting subtext has developed in the midst of the Copa America Centenario: Two of the biggest North American stars are approaching the same milestone.

Mexico's biggest star Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez is one goal away from tying Mexico's all-time leading scorer, Jared Borgetti. Given Chicharito is in the prime of his career, at 28, and at least one more Copa America game ahead (and possibly three), there's a decent chance he could tie, or even surpass the record of 46 goals, during the Copa. And if it comes with a Mexico run to the final, or even beyond, it could really burnish his status as one of the legends of Mexican soccer for decades to come.

Meanwhile, another star north of the border, Clint Dempsey, is working hard to cement his legend status for his national team, as he's scored goals in the last three U.S. wins at the Copa, including Thursday's 2-1 quarterfinal win over Ecuador.

Dempsey isn't quite as close to Chicharito in being on the cusp of breaking his country's scoring mark, as he's currently five goals behind Landon Donovan's record of 57. He could match or beat it over the next two games of the tournament for the U.S., but it's realistically a stretch to expect it's coming in the next 10 days, regardless of how well he's played.

Still, the timing of the U.S. and Mexico scoring records coincidentally looking likely to be broken very soon is striking to note. Both Dempsey and Chicharito are already among the best players their countries have produced. Both will likely hold onto their records, assuming they do set them, for some time, with no active Mexican players in the Top 10 aside from Chicharito and only the oft-injured Jozy Altidore remotely close to Donovan and Dempsey for the U.S.

Most likely if you're reading this, you're a fan of either the U.S. or Mexico, and you likely don't care much about records set for the other team. That's ok. But it's interesting that in the midst of an unprecedented Copa America tournament on American soil, we're seeing two superstars approaching history, at about the same time, in front of our very eyes.

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