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Klay Thompson is a man of many baseball hats, including LAFC’s

Two hats, one baseball game. What are the odds?

In recent weeks, Los Angeles Football Club have gotten their logo onto the heads of many people, including multiple members of the Ecuador and Colombian national teams.

On Wednesday, a famous athlete outside the soccer sphere was also spotted wearing an LAFC baseball cap.

NBA star Klay Thompson, recently off what’s probably a tough Game 7 NBA finals loss for his Golden State Warriors to the Cleveland Cavaliers, took in the Los Angeles Dodgers’ game last night, and was spotted wearing the LAFC hat:

But that’s not all. Thompson also wore a variation of the Dodgers hat at some point in his Dodger Stadium visit, too.

Now, it’s little surprise that Thompson is hanging out at the Dodgers game in his offseason for two reasons. First, he was born in LA and spent some of his youth in the area, and his brother Trayce plays for the Dodgers. And the Warriors, Dodgers and LAFC are part of the same network of teams, all three owned by Peter Guber and several owners and executives of the Warriors and Dodgers are part of LAFC’s ownership group. Perfect #synergy, really.

But wearing two hats during the night? Probably not something for the Dodgers purists out there, but quite an accomplishment, and helping to promote that LAFC brand.

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