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Ecuador player spotted wearing LAFC hat

Probably no need to jump to conclusions, but a nice moment.

Brazil and Ecuador faced off over the weekend in the Copa América Centenario at the Rose Bowl, and one player for Ecuador was spotted wearing some local MLS gear on Saturday -- Los Angeles Football Club's baseball hat.

I tried to figure out who this was, but gave up after staring for awhile. So I'll open it up to readers -- do you know who this player is? It looks sorta like Enner Valencia, but I can't really be certain based on his expression.

Anyway, Ecuadorians are a periodic presence in MLS, and there's no need to jump to conclusions that a player wearing a ball cap will be a transfer target in the future. I mean, maybe, but a hat can sometimes be just a hat.

At any rate, this visibility gets LAFC's logo circulated some more, building the buzz for March 2018.

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