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Join The Goat Parade's Euro 2016 Fantasy League

Let's follow the Euros by playing Fantasy soccer!

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

We've got the Copa América Centenario going on right now, but if that's not enough tournament soccer for you, the 2016 European Championship starts on Friday as well.

In order to get involved in the Euros, I've set up a Euro 2016 Fantasy league on UEFA's fantasy game for the tournament. Why do I like playing Euros Fantasy? Because I somehow ended up in the Top 10 worldwide in a Euro 2008 Fantasy game after one of the group stage rounds and have been looking for that sweet smell of success ever since.

So, sign up, pick your team on UEFA's Fantasy game page, and join The Goat Parade's league for the tournament. The entry code is: 48438DOD.

I look forward to playing you in Fantasy (don't worry, that Top 10 was really a fluke, if history is any indication) and good luck in Euro 2016 Fantasy!

What do you think? Leave a comment below!