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What to watch for as Mexico face Jamaica, Uruguay clash with Venezuela in Copa America 2016

Will Uruguay get over their sour grapes? Will Mexico book their ticket to the quarterfinals?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thursday, and we've been at the Copa América Centenario for nearly a week at this point. Are you exhausted yet? Not going to lie, I am, but...can't...stop...watching.

Here's what to watch for in Thursday's Group C action:

Uruguay vs. Venezuela, 4:30 pm PT, FS1, UniMás, UDN

The teams go intraconfederation for this round in the group, and Uruguay are heavy favorites over Venezuela in this game, even if Venezuela have the win and Uruguay don't. It doesn't appear Luis Suarez will be risked for this game, so the grit and set pieces will probably still be the order of the day against a Venezuela side that probably realizes their Copa America was likely the first game and will almost certainly be brought back to reality against Uruguay and Mexico in the final group stage game.

Uruguay appear to be really mad over losing to Mexico, with the FA president even going to the length of claiming that this Copa was made to facilitate (fix?) Mexico's wins. Sounds like sour grapes, and a reason to root for them to fail, but by golly, Uruguay coach Oscar Washington Tabarez is one of the gentlemen of the sport. Hard to root against a coach who keeps his job in South American soccer for years and years and is also good at it. So good luck Venezuela, you'll probably need it tonight.

Mexico vs. Jamaica, 7 pm PT, FS1, Univision, UDN

Jamaica's Copa America campaign basically appears to be over at this point, unless they can somehow beat Mexico. That seems unlikely. They suffered with an early red card against Venezuela, sure, but they played poorly and were unlucky with the chances they got.

Maybe the pressure being off their backs will help them play better. But Mexico also play better when they're on a roll (who doesn't?) and they are on a roll right now. Their win over Uruguay seemed to legitimize their status as Copa contenders, and on paper they are clearly a better side than Jamaica, much less a Jamaican team that sputtered in their opening game.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily think Jamaica will roll over here, but I don't think their chance of grabbing a win are good at all. Mexico want to keep rolling, and playing at the Rose Bowl in front of a crowd that will likely be 95 percent Mexico fans should help them feel nice and cozy. I say Mexico will book their place in the quarterfinals tonight.

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