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LAFC have sold 7,000 season ticket deposits, says Henry Nguyen

Goal is 15,000 says LAFC owner

MLS: LAFC-Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Football Club have more than a year before the first team enters MLS play, and one of the questions on the minds of observers is how many people have reserved season tickets for the new team at this point.

I have personally asked the club and not gotten any number in the past, but we finally got a benchmark on Wednesday, when LAFC managing partner Henry Nguyen dropped a 7,000 number at the GeekWire Sports Technology summit in Seattle.

Given the projected size of the club’s new stadium to be in the low-20,000s, that’s a substantial goal, not least because of the variety of options available to locals on a sports and entertainment front.

On the other hand, having 7,000 deposits already is a pretty good sign, considering the team won’t take the field next season, but the following year. Obviously, $50 deposits are different than paying the full price of season tickets, but one would think many of those LAFC Originals will convert into full season ticket holders come 2018, and that’s a better number than some current MLS teams.

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