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Help wanted! Seeking contributors for The Goat Parade

We're at an exciting time in our history, and ready to add new voices to the team.

Barry Cronin/Getty Images

The Goat Parade is more than five years old, has survived the team that it was created to cover's death, and is looking ahead to a hopefully glorious future covering another team in MLS. Who knows, maybe another team or two as time goes by, too.

Considering the circumstances, this site has never had what you may call a robust staff, but we've had plenty of contributors over the years. Some of those folks have gone onto paid work in the soccer media, and others did it for fun.

And with Los Angeles Football Club coming to MLS in a little while and some cool happenings in Southern California soccer, I feel the time is right to build the contributing staff back up. Sure, we've got some time before LAFC is fully a daily concern, but that time will be fast approaching, and there's plenty to cover on a variety of topics.

If you're interested, please fill out the form below. We're pretty open at this stage in what we're looking for -- mainly regular contributions, a passion for contributing to an established site about soccer, and an ability to be reliable. If there's something you want to cover that's not listed in the application, that's ok! Pitch us and we'll consider it. Everything is in consideration at this stage.

One of the main things we're looking for at the moment are someone or multiple people to do regular "links posts" for the site, roundups of some of the big stories around the soccer landscape. Contributors who do this task will get assistance in finding links from around the web on a regular basis.

Beyond that, we're open to coverage on a variety of teams and kinds of contributions. If you have a specific idea, let us know. If you aren't sure, let us know on that front, too, and we'll find something that will work for you.

Above all, The Goat Parade is an established and respected source on soccer coverage. We want to expand our team, as an exciting step in our evolution, and if that's something you're interested in, do not hesitate to apply!