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Thomas Rongen thinks Sigi Schmid will come to LAFC

A fellow member of the MLS coaching fraternity thinks Schmid's destination is obvious.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Big news in MLS on Tuesday, as the Seattle Sounders "parted ways" with Sigi Schmid, the only coach they have had in their MLS era. One of the two coaching titans of the league, alongside Bruce Arena, the move itself is perhaps not surprising as much as the Sounders' slide to the bottom of the table this year and inability to turn around a sustained slump.

Of course, Schmid has been idly mooted as a possible coaching candidate for Los Angeles Football Club for some time. That's primarily due to his ties to Southern California, having previously coached the LA Galaxy, UCLA, and growing up in the region. So the connection is not out of nowhere.

We can see what Schmid decides to do next in his career, and whether he makes sense for LAFC down the line, but another member of the MLS coaching fraternity, current commentator Thomas Rongen, tweeted after the news dropped on Tuesday that he thinks Schmid will be with LAFC:

I wouldn't say there's any inside info there, but Rongen seems to be connecting potential dots, too.

LAFC is expected to begin play in 2018.

Do you think Schmid will become LAFC coach? Is this the first step in making it happen? Would you be happy with him as head coach? Leave a comment below!